Web Design Trends 2022 Part 4

Video Stories

Video has been an integral part of most “business content strategies” for many years now however with the explosion of platforms like Tok-tok and Instagram reels never has It been more Important to not only create video content but the right type of content.

Stories and bite size pieces of content are what users are looking for and interacting with most In 2022

You now have an even shorter window to get your message across and let you customers know what you are offering.

Inclusive Copy

There is more to what you say than just what you say. Inclusive content is the focus on not just accessibility but also the understanding of different levels and reading abilities within your website’s demographic.

With alt text, legible text (font, size, and colour), and avoiding text-as-image,

Everyone will be able to read what you have to say, no matter what language or ability they have.

Make your content easy to read, legible and go easy on the jargon and you should have a much more Inclusive website without compromising what you need to say.

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