Web Design Trends 2022 Part 3

3D Content

With the advent of higher resolution screens, 3D design has come a long way from the blocky CAD style images.

We’ve been seeing high-quality 3D visuals weaved seamlessly into web designs. Instead of being garish distractions, they’re adding to the overall user experience.

Within the design itself you can use 3D to create of depth with 3D elements throughout their website.

You can create a harmony between the 3D and flat elements across all the design elements.

We use 3D design to make characters stand out and visual design elements pop from the page.

Page Speed Prioritisation

Your website needs to be fast and its pages to load quickly. This can be achieved with efficient image optimisation and deferred offscreen content and image loading time.


Goood hosting and a well built site will always help but to get really good speeds you might want to use Cache and CDN (Content Delivery Network) all of witch will help your site speed and pagespeed score.

Limiting how many fonts you are using can help as well. You also want to avoid developing your pages on a platform that relies too heavily on plug-ins since that can have a big impact.

Page speed is without a doubt the most important item on this list and whilst some may say it’s not a design “trend” we think the design elements of your site is the first step to a faster website.

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