Web Design Trends 2022 Part 2

Parallax Scroll Elements

We use Parallax scroll elements on the Tiny Interactive Media homepage (desktop) and we have used the technique on client websites many, many times.

The Parallax effect creates an illusion of depth and perspective. You can achieve it by moving visual elements at different speeds.

Creating animations using the parallax effect can serve many purposes and enables your visitors to engage with your site’s content.

You can use Parallax to grab attention, tell a story or even show a design process.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a low-light user interface (UI) that uses a dark colour—usually black or a shade of grey—as the primary background colour.

Dark mode has been hitting more and more screens. More designers are embracing the dark mode aesthetic.

With black and dark hue’s providing the perfect dark backdrop to make design elements pop from the screen.

Some of our clients have adapted the Dark mode visual style for their websites and print needs.

They have used dark colours from their existing branding to showcase the lighter sides of their products and offerings.

Save your eyes and even save battery with a dark mode.

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