OllyCom Case Study

OllyCom Case Study

Ollycom is more than just a telecommunications company…

OllyCom Website Development




OllyCom approached us for a new website build. The existing website was temporary after a site hacking issue,  this had meant that the site they had felt temporary and the client was struggling to work with it. So Tiny Interactive Media created a brand new look with fresh content and images.

Making the online part of the business again at the forefront of the clients business plan and objectives.

The problem


When we started the design process, we found that the client had a site that was just there because they needed something up and customer-facing.  They are a relatively new business and in a digital and competitive marketplace so the site needed to showcase the hard work they put into all other aspects of the business.

The solution


Ollycom is at the forefront of telecoms, technology and sustainability. In an ever-growing industry, they aim to become market leaders and deliver high quality, honest and reliable services to all sectors across the UK.

By creating a brand focused, fully responsive, mobile-first, easy to use the website, users can now easily see what services they offer. We were also able to create some hi-res photography for the client for the team pages. The client is now able to utilise the website as they wished by generating new clients and servicing existing client all in one place.

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From the client



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