Ferguson Engineering Case Study

Ferguson Engineering Case Study

Ferguson Engineering has gone from strength to strength over the last 28 years

Ferguson Engineering Website Development




Ferguson Engineering approached us as they had outgrown their old website. It was tired, dated, and wasn’t giving customers the correct impression of the business. So Tiny Interactive Media started from scratch, bringing their website up to date with great design, eye-catching touches such as an Interactive carousel, before & after design sliders and full careers pages with comprehensive recruitment forms.

The problem


When we started the design process, we found that the client was stuck with a legacy website that was out of date and very hard to keep maintained.

They are market leaders in the bakery industry and the website did not reflect the quality and service that they offered.

The solution


Ferguson Engineering quality of service is second-to-none. Their work is impeccable, scalable and industry leading and so we wanted to show it off to its maximum capacity.

By creating a fully responsive, mobile first, easy to use website, users can easily understand what they do and the client is now able to push prospective clients to a website they are proud of.

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From the client



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